How to Extend Your Lease

When you have all your reasons, whether they are because of an annoying freeholder or any other reason, backed up with legal basis to break a leasehold contract and avoid a leasehold scandal, then there are certain ways to do it. This article will reveal possible ways to end a leasehold contract.

  • Read Your Contract
  • Reading your contract is the first and best way for you to try and find a way to end your leasehold scandal. By reading your contract, you might find breaches in it, which enable you to break the agreement with little or no damage. For example, ideally you may find that the freeholder has not mentioned the termination date of the lease. Another example would be that the landlord has not kept his promise inked in the contract, whether that being a maintenance issue or any other time that he/she has come up short in being responsible.

  • Speak to Your Freeholder
  • Although a lot of landlords are tough and annoying, yours might actually be a sweet and understanding person. You can try contacting your freeholder and see if he/she would understand the situation you are in and accept to end the leasehold contract.

  • Put Your House on Rent
  • Most of the time, freeholders make sure to mention that you cannot give your house out to rent, so this should be your last choice. You might be lucky enough to find out that nothing about you lending the house is mentioned in the leasehold. If so, you can find a person who needs to rent the house and you would be done with it.

No matter what, always reach out to legal advice and do not act on your own as the consequences of wrongful actions can cause real damage.